Specialist Consultation


Dr Anthony Bertram is an Australian and New Zealand registered Specialist in both Medicine and Dentistry. With many years of Surgical experience, Dr Bertram is able to provide his patients the best of care. Consultations are available for all Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical services, and providing a referral from your Dentist or Medical Practitioner will enable rebates from Medicare.

Surgical Tooth Removal


Dr Anthony Bertram is an extremely experienced Surgeon, who endeavours to make surgical tooth removal as comfortable and positive an experience as possible. He understands the potential anxiety involved with tooth removal, and takes the time to explain all procedures with the utmost of care. Surgical tooth removal can be performed under local anaesthetic at our state of the art practice, or alternatively arranged under a general anaesthetic.

Dental Implants


Are you striving for that perfect smile? Do you wish that your dentures could be more securely fitted? The indications for dental implants are many, and perhaps this is something you’ve been considering for a while. Make a consultation today to discuss your options, and tailor a treatment plan to suit your needs.

Oral Pathology


Oral Pathology is the management of disease of the mouth, jaws or related structures. It encompasses a wide range of presentations, including but not limited to oral lesions, oral ulcers, oral pain, jaw lesions. If required, simple biopsies can be performed under local or general anaesthetic to gain a tissue diagnosis.

Facial Trauma


Dr Anthony Bertram has many years of experience treating patients with facial fractures, both in the private and public health sector. These include but are not limited to fractures of the orbit (eye socket), zygoma (cheek bone), maxilla (upper jaw) and mandible (lower jaw). Being an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dr Bertram is an expert in surgery of the head and neck region, understanding how to appropriately handle both the soft and hard tissues. His dental degree enables him to assess how your teeth fit together, ensuring that your occlusion is preserved

Orthognathic Surgery


Orthognathic Surgery, or jaw correction surgery enables surgical correction of major jaw discrepancies unable to be corrected by Orthodontics alone. It can be performed in conjunction with chin augmentation, and can provide amazing results to patients’ facial profiles. Oftentimes this surgery is life changing, and if you have any concerns with your facial profile, book a consultation today to see what options are best for you.